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This site is dedicated to you: the active, engaged, curious fisherman. 

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It has been designed to be an online easy-to-use, data-driven version of the old fashioned fishing diary.  In addition to your comments and notes, you can record data about:

  • the fish, type, size and other characteristics

  • fly, lure or bait used, successfully or unsuccessfully

  • tackle and equipment

  • water conditions stream or tide data,

  • pools and places

Register now and start your logs.

You can link your fishing experience to online maps and historical weather info or it will be automatically linked for you. 

Upload your photos to round out your logs.

You can record information about your fishing experience by day, or if you are particularly obsessed, by fish.

Once the data is in the database you can search through it, sort it, drilldown and even download it into a spreadsheet.


Your data is secure and private.  But if you choose to, you can share it with friends and compare notes. 

You can also choose to share your aggregated data. This means that certain data such as the number of fish caught in a particular location on a particular day can be analyzed and compared against data such as weather and water condition information. All registered users who choose to share their data in this way will have access to the entire database of aggregated data. Techniques and proprietary information such as equipment and fly's or lures used, will not be aggregated. 

The power of the site is in the accuracy, consistency and volume of data. The data is supplied by you, the fisherman. So, the more data you and your friends enter, the better the site.

Register now and start your logs.

Let us know what works for you and what doesn't,  if your favorite river isn't listed or your rod brand, we will add it to the database.